1.1 ISO/IEC 15504, VDA, ASPICE

ISO/IEC 15504 standard

ISO/IEC 15504 – Information technology – Process assessment, also termed Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (SPICE), is a set of technical standards documents for the computer software developmentprocess and related business management functions. It is one of the joint ISO and IEC standards, which was developed by the ISO and IEC joint subcommittee, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7. ISO/IEC 15504 was initially derived from process lifecycle standard ISO/IEC 12207 and from maturity models like BootstrapTrillium and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). ISO/IEC 15504 has been revised as ISO/IEC 33001:2015 Information technology – Process assessment – Concepts and terminology.

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VDA and Automotive SPICE

Stamdard ISO/IEC 330xx is also termed Automotive SPICE (ASPICE). Development and maintenance is done by VDA WG 13 (German Association of the Automotive Industry, Working Group 13).The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) consists of more than 620 companies involved in production for the automotive industry in the Federal Republic of Germany. The members are divided into three manufacturer groups: automobile manufacturers, automotive suppliers, and trailers, special bodies, buses. These three manufacturer groups find their representation in three divisions each assigned a managing director. More than 80 employees in 20 departments actively pursue the interests of the German automotive industry. The President, Bernhard Mattes, heads the VDA which has its headquarters in Berlin. More information about VDA can be found HERE.

Current version of ASPICE is v3.1, whis was released on 11.01.2017. It is a framework, a model of process maturity to assess the process capability and maturity of an organization in the development of software or embedded systems in the automotive industry. It is a variant of ISO/IEC 15504 adapted to the needs of the automotive industry. This model is used by OEMs and automotive parts suppliers to assess the capability and maturity of their software and embedded systems development processes. The process reference part of the model defines the central processes to be controlled and to be implemented in the development of the software / embedded system. The part where the model processes is evaluated describes how to evaluate process capability within an organization (company).

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